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We've made a few guides to help our players get through the most asked questions & features of our server. If you need any additional help, or have new guides idea that could be posted here in the future, please contact a member of the Staff Team!

⚡ How to Join

Interested in joining DestiCube but not quite sure how? We made these short steps for you to follow and finally join our community!

First of all, you'll need a Minecraft: Java Edition account. If you don't have a Java Edition account, you'll need to purchase one here.
You will also need to copy the IP to our Server: play.desticube.com

Step One:

Open Minecraft on version 1.19.2. We always support the latest version, although we may only have features from the version before. Presently, we support Minecraft client down to v1.17.1.

Step Two:

Once you've got your game opened, you will be on the home page. From there, you want to click on "Multiplayer" where you will find a server list. It may ask you to accept being shown user-generated content, like chat messages. Accept this as it is necessary to play multiplayer.

Step Three:

Once you clicked on "Multiplayer", add DestiCube to your server list.
To do so, click on "Add Server" at the bottom of your screen.

A new page will open up where you can add server information.
Create a new server in your list with the following settings.

Step Four:

Once you are done, you will see that DestiCube is now on your server list. Double-click the server to join it. Once you've connected successfully, accept our custom texture pack and you will be redirected to our server!

Keep getting kicked?
Make sure you've configured the settings as in Step 3.
If you are still struggling, join our Discord server below.

⚡ How to Claim

Looking to protect your builds from unwanted griefers but not quite sure how? We made these short steps for you to follow and correctly claim your builds!

First of all, we would like to precise that by default every builds in the Overwold, whether they are claimed or not, are protected by our rule against griefing.
Make sure to read about that rule if you are unsure what this refers to.
Note: The only way to get more chunks is by ranking up. See /ranks for info.

Step One:

If you never created a land before, the first command that you will be using is /lands create <land>, replacing land by the name of your land.

This will create a 3x3 chunk area around you, so make sure that you are centered around your builds. It will prompt you with a few options in chat that you can explore but essentially you are done with claiming, unless the default area is too small for you.

Step Two:

Now that you have a land, you might want to increase it's border. There are a few options that is offered to you and we will go from the easiest to hardest one.
Note: Before claiming, make sure that you have selected the right land with /edit <land>.

Here's how to do it:

  1. The command /claim :
    Useful to claim a specific chunk.
    Additionally, you can use:
    » /claim auto - Auto claim chunks you walk in.
    » /claim fill - Attempt to fill an unclaimed region inside your land.
    » /claim radius [x] - Claim a number [x] of chunk radius around you.
  2. The command /map :
    Useful to claim a bundle of chunks. Will open a map in chat. Click to claim.
  3. Claiming kit /kit claim :
    Click opposite corners with the Selection Tool to create a selection.
    Next, execute any suggested command - usually /claim.

These options do not need to be used closeby to your land. Feel free to claim your builds like shops and farms around the map under the same land.

Step Three:

Your land is officially fully claimed but there are still a lot you can do.
Access your land settings with /lands and explore what is available to you. There are cosmetics settings, areas, roles, natural and management flags, inbox messages, relations and so much more that you can edit to your liking.

Here's a few examples:

  1. Create Sub Areas by creating a new area in the Area menu.
    With the Selection Tool, create a selection and assign it to the new area.
    In this Area, you can give players or roles permission to do specific things. This is useful for a Mob Farm, a Shop or even rented areas.
  2. Create new roles to customize your land in the Roles menu.
    You can edit their permissions, their name and their priority.
    To assign a role to a player, go in the Trusted Players menu.
  3. Set taxes that trusted players need to pay every 14 days.
  4. Manage your relations with other lands.
  5. And so much more...

Step Four:

On top of that, there's a bunch of useful commands you can use to help you with anything related to lands.

Here's a short list:

  1. The command /trust <player> :
    Trust a player inside your land. This will give them the Citizen role by default.
    Untrust a player with /untrust <player>.
    Warning: Be careful of who you are trusting!
  2. The command /view :
    Shows land borders and information about where you are located.
  3. The command /lands spawn :
    Teleports you to the location of your land's spawn.
    Change this with /lands setspawn.
  4. The command /lands ban <player> :
    Ban a player from entering your land.
    Unban a player with /lands unban <player>.
  5. The command /lands balance :
    Shows the amount of money inside the land's bank.
    Deposit money with /lands deposit <amount>.
    Withdraw money with /lands withdraw <amount>.
  6. The command /lands chat :
    Toggle the land's chat. Message will be sent to all trusted players.
Still unsure how Lands work?
Don't hesitate to ask for help to our Staff Team or on our discord by opening a ticket!