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Rules shown below applies to the entirety of the Network. Please keep in mind that these rules are subject to changes at any given time and that you are responsible for keeping up to date with our server rules.

Bypassing these rules could get you sanctioned from the Network!
General Rules
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Section concerning General Rules that applies on the entirety of the Network:

1. Inappropriate names, skins, builds and messages

Any inappropriate names (usernames, nicknames, tool & weapon names, companion names, etc.), behaviors and messages are not allowed.

2. Scamming

Do not intentionally scam other players. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Breaking an agreement regarding items sold or traded.
  • Selling an item disguised as another legitimate item. For example, a fake Ancient Item.

3. Homophobic, racist, sexual and predatory behaviors

Any remarks of the sort will not be tolerated. This is self explanatory.

4. Harassing other players

Harassment can be identified as, but is not limited to:

  • Consistent unsolicited messaging (in-game, private messages, mail).
  • Tp request spam.
  • Refusing to leave a build or claim.
  • Targeted profanity.

5. Sharing personal information

While we discourage the sharing of personal information in general, if you insist in doing so, please move to a private conversation.

  • Generic personal information, Twitter and streaming platforms are allowed.
  • Do not share information about other players without their consent.

6. Staff impersonation

Copying a Staff name, using a Staff skin or claiming to be a Staff Member isn't allowed.

7. Hackusation

Please avoid reporting players without proof or proper reasoning. This include jokes or slanderous reports on other players as this is a waste of time for the Staff team and could potentially hurt others.

8. Ban evasion

Using an alt account to log in on the server while being banned on another account isn't allowed.

9. Overriding Server Rules

Server rules will always be above any other rules (Lands, Clans, Groups, etc.). The Staff Team won't enforce anything else other than the server rules.

Game Rules
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Section concerning Game Rules that applies on the entirety of the Network:

1. Hacking/Cheating

Cheating can be defined as, but is not limited to:

  • X-Ray (including texture packs)
  • Hacking
  • Abusing exploits
  • Alt abuse (see rule #7)

In short, anything that gives you an unfair advantage over another player, including what is mentioned in the list above, is not allowed.

2. Griefing, Raiding and Stealing

Please read carefully this rule as it has been misunderstood in the past.

  • Grief:
    The unauthorized destruction or alteration of other's property is not allowed, in both claimed and unclaimed land.
  • Raiding:
    Taking of items in chests and storage is allowed in unclaimed land only (excludes armor stands and item frames).
  • Claim trust abuse:
    Taking items or blocks in a trusted claim where you have no explicit permission from the claim owner to do so. Having trust in a claim does not allow you to take items.

Note: Every worlds where PvP is enforced by default do not belong under this rule. The Nether and End worlds, being no man's land, are one of the few worlds where griefing, raiding and stealing are allowed.

3. Bypassing PVP Protection

Bypassing any sort of player protections isn't allowed. Please do not fight without both parties consenting.

  • Tp killing, traps, dangerous warps and such are not allowed.

4. AFK Farms

You won't get kicked for being AFK anymore.
This being said, there are two types of farms that can be exploited while being AFK, one of them not being allowed.

  • AFK Farm:
    Any farm that requires a user input while that user is AFK isn't allowed (AFK Fish farm for example).
  • Auto Farm:
    Any farm that can run passively without a user input is allowed (Automated melon farm for example).

5. Respect Players Areas

Claiming too close to another base, without permission, could result in your base being removed. Please leave approximately 100+ blocks between each lands for future expansion.

6. Resell of Map Arts

Proceding to sell Map Arts that you do not own, without the original artist's consent, isn't allowed. Consent can be offered in the form of a signed book.

7. Alternative Accounts Abuse

Alt abuse can be defined as, but is not limited to:

  • Mass usage of alts to generate vote rewards.
  • Keeping chunks loaded at farms or grinders.
  • Looting the contents of accounts that do not belong to you.
  • Using alts to bypass the quest cooldowns.

8. Lava and Water Structures

Lava casting, or water griefing to purposefully destroy unclaimed land or polute land claims vision are not allowed. Any other similar practice, unless executed in your OWN land, isn't allowed either.

Chat Rules
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Section concerning Chat Rules that applies on the entirety of the Network:

1. Spamming, Advertising, Filter Bypass and Links

Flooding the chat with messages isn't allowed for obvious reasons.

  • Spam:
    Usage of a large amount of similar characters and/or repeated messages. Attempting to bypass this is not allowed.
  • Advertising:
    Promoting other Minecraft servers as well as personal Discord servers etc. Advertising your twitch stream is fine as long as you are currently playing on DestiCube.
  • Links are disabled for player's safety. Please do not try to send inappropriate links by any means.

2. Politics, Religion and Drugs Discussions

Feel like talking about real world problems, politics, religion or illicit drugs? Please use private messages to talk about these topics.

3. Filter Bypass

Working your way around the chat filter isn't allowed.